The informative fresh counter – Bachelor Thesis

The informative fresh counter – Bachelor Thesis

In supermarkets you can get food from all over the world, whereas details about the origin or the route of transportation can hardly be found.There is a lot of hidden background information especially about the products lying behind the meat or cheese counter. Our concept visualizes these details to make them easily visible for the customer. A skilled chef might be able to allocate the prices to the products effortlessly, but an average customer often wastes time by guessing which offer, sign or price belongs to a certain product. Sometimes customers might even find themselves playing a vivid „product guessing game“.

To avoid scenarios like these we developed a concept that allows the customer to get an instant display of prices or desciptions right above the favoured product by simply pointing at it. This gesture is very easy and commonly used by customers and shop assistants to communicate with each other. In-depth information can be presented to the customer in a very easy way. Items in the shape of little books are laid out on the counter and by lifting them you will be shown product information, origin and recipes.

Therefore several groups of three objects are available. They symbolize product information, origin and recipes. By upon request, this information can be printed on the receipt. The box for meat-, cheese- and fish products features an RFID chip, a display and a scale. The integrated scale enables an immediate display of weight and price of the purchase. Moreover this concept facilitates the shop assistants‘ work by dispensing the need for typing in product numbers.

Of course your smart phone can be connected to the counter to easily find products listed in the purchase application.

Altogether, this Bachelor Thesis promises a great improvement for the individual customer as well as for the shop assistants: While the customer gets detailed information about foods on demand, he also facilitates the shop assistants‘ work by interacting with the counter himself. Both groups benefit from this concept. It is an approach which is not only valuable in theory, but especially in real life.


Fabian Kreuzer

BA-1 BA-2 BA-3 BA-4 BA-5